Hachou Kamenwati

Izora's Father


Human Male


Father to Izora and owner of the Guilded Cartouche, a small general store in Falcon’s Hollow. He is a shrewd buisnesman who does not seem to fit in to such a small town. Most of the provicial merchants he deals with cannot keep up with his silver tounge or ability to sell a tree to a druid. He is a kind man, who seems to harbor a great deal upon his shoulders. Though he can seems staunch when running his shop, he is a kind and somewhat mischevious man, always encouraging his daughter to get into trouble (so long as it does not cause harm to his family or his shop).

It is known that his wife died before he and his daughter arrived in Falcon’s Hollow, but most of his past remains a mystery, even to Izora.

While escorting Kairin and visiting Aesil Goldenfield Hachou was slain in Almas by the Red Mantis assassins for reasons unknown in the autumn of 4709.

Hachou Kamenwati

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