Etlan Mandamis (Arnisant)

Cleric of Iomedae. Or was it Pharasma?


Human Male Cleric.

In appearance Etlan stands at 5’11". Cleanshaven, his hair usually fingerlength or shorter, he often is identifiable as noble-born (even though in his own mind he has abandoned title and claim). He dresses ‘simply’, which is to say in fine materials but plain design similar to what a lesser merchant would wear. A cleric of Iomedae, this young man has a dark past he is still trying to atone for. Reared as a member of a noble family in Oppara, where nobility means ambition and vying for power, some trial has led him to put aside the airs and finery that he once gloried in, and seek to serve others first by joining the order of priests. For two years he roomed with Aesil during their training at the Temple of Iomedae in Almas. In that time Etlan met Orden Estegard and Aesil’s uncle, as well as Azora and her teacher. Though he never became very close to the others, In time Etlan and Aesil became fast friends. Aesil came to realize that there were things Etlan was hiding about his past: a fact never more evident than the night when Orden broke into their room while they slept.

Etlan awoke to the feeling of cold steel across his throat to find Orden looming over him, blade in hand and the smell of drink so strong on his breath Etlan was sure that Aesil could smell it. Orden was shouting and trembling with emotion, although the blade never faltered.
“Do you know what you did? What you destroyed!?” The blade was beginning to press, drawing blood.
“Orden!” Aesil was awake, throwing off the bedsheet, “Orden, what are you doing? Stop!”
“You don’t realize what he is responsible for, everything this boy did. . .” Orden was beginning to sound unsure of himself, and the pressure on Etlan’s neck eased. He almost dared to breathe again. Orden stood over his bed for a moment longer, his posture that of a man who has lost the world, before wrenching himself away and jumping out the window he broke upon entering.
Through it all, and even the next morning when a sobered Orden apologized to him, Etlan did not object or defend himself. Aesil noticed and wondered again what it was Etlan was hiding.

Etlan seemed driven to serve, and was often found out on the streets of Almas dressed in simple (though finer than he realized) clothing and ministering to the orphans and street children. He was aware that many of these children were thieves and perhaps worse, but sought always to help them improve their circumstances and show them that there were good alternatives. It was on the streets that he first met Anagios Etanoth under the name "". Anagios did not feel the need for Etlan’s help of course, but often directed him to the children who did. Between the two of them they did a great deal of good for the streetfolk of Almas, and a friendship formed. When Anagios learned of Gaedren Lamm’s child slave ring one of those he turned to was Etlan (not realizing that Aesil was also with him at the time).

Etlan Mandamis (Arnisant)

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