Domien Corellain

Brother to Etlan


Human Male


The son and eldest child of Madrin Albercroft’s first marriage, he was disinherited in the eyes of Taldoran law when Lord Corellain died and Madrin remarried. Rather than be seen as a threat to the family (and also from a desire to avoid the political machinations of Taldor) Domien left Taldor and joined the Eagle Knights in Andoran.

In his time in the Eagle Knights he became known for his courage and nobility, and rose up through the ranks to become a [insert correct Eagle Knight’s rank and order here]. When his family, including his half-brother Etlan and half-sister Lenore, were endangered during the political turmoil surrounding Crown Prince Lucian Devry’s assassination Domien arranged for their escape and helped them seek sanctuary in Andoran.

A fair and stern officer of the Eagle Knights, it is suspected he may be involved in the Shining Crusade somehow, and was probably the one to arrange for Verik’s reassignment.

Domien Corellain

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