Dannica Voralius


Human Female Gunslinger


A young woman with a quick tongue and even faster guns, whom the party initially hired on as their guide upon arriving in Absalom. Romance blossomed slowly between Verik and her.

It was revealed that she was working for the Archlords of Nex, hired to capture Izora and bring her to them. Though she forswore her purpose as far as her oaths allowed and the party forgave her, this brought tension to her relationship with Verik.

Of note is her reaction to seeing a statue in the Hall of Fallen Heroes where memorials to those who have failed the star stone test reside. Even though she claims not know him she always seems to come to rest before a man with guns for arms, her expression distant as if trying to remember something.

She became pregnant with Verik’s child, and was brought to term early by the influence of the chaos city in [location]. The labor was troubled, and both mother and child were feared lost, especially when the child rejected magic. Etlan delivered the child without magic, and saved both lives, barely.

Verik and Dannica were married (was this just before or after the pregancy?), and took up proprietership of The Mithral Blade, an inn purchased by the group in Absalom.

The Sundering:

After The Sundering of the Starstone Verik and Dannica were forced to abandon their inn when the city was taken, and were part of the rearguard defending the refugees fleeing to New Absalom.

Always in the thick of the struggle to reclaim Absalom, they were both slain in action in the years of fighting that followed.

Dannica Voralius

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