Beladonna Etanoth

Anagios' Mother


Human Female Wizard


A wizard of no known order, she lives within Falcon’s Hollow and acts as its self proclaimed protector. Though she may at times seem cold hearted and calculating, her heart of stone hides a more altruistic motive. Little is know of who she is or where she has come from, but there are those within the town who seem to pay her the same respects one would offer unto nobility.

Secrets Learned:

It seems she originally was part of the Chellish family Estenguard and has family outside of Anagios. A young chellish nobleman by the name of Orden Estenguard appeared many years ago claiming to be her nephew. She made no attempts to dispute this claim. Additionally, in private he refered to her as Valeria.

It is rumored that she was somehow responsible for the death of the previous Queen of Cheliax.

She has four sons in total, three of which were somehow corrupted by their father and form the Brotherhood of Bone. The elsdest son is Malcom (Mal), the second is Felius (Fel), the third Vexanthus (Vex) and the youngest is Sintain (Anagios).

She has been doing dark experiments on her son Anagios in order to find a way to remove a darkness that lies within him, and the tools of these experiments were in her extraplanar tower, discovered by the party when they traveled there after her fall.

She was the current head of the Shining Crusade and had been watching over the members of the Shining Crusade with the help of an elemental oracle. She was challenged by Vex, and in the duel was imprisoned in some form within a pillar of crystal. It was said that the only way to free her lay locked under the Isle of Terror.

Beladonna Etanoth

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