Anagios (Sintain) Etanoth


Anagios Etanoth is the son of Belladonna Etanoth, a moderately well known wizard residing in Falcons’ Hollow. In his youth, Anagios forged a close relationship with Izora and Aesil, playing with them in the nearby forest when he wasn’t attending to his studies. A reserved and timid child, It seemed that he was being groomed to follow in his mother’s footsteps, and why not? He was regarded as a bright and observant child, quick to pick up on small details and interpret them skillfully. While being the son of a wizard and village leader would sound appealing, it was a matter of public record that Belladonna’s treatment of her son bordered on harshness, adding to his studies with seemingly no limit as his taskmistress.

Cut off his own hand rather than let it betray his principles and his friends.


Anagios (Sintain) Etanoth

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