Aesil Goldenfield

The Last Scion


Human Male Paladin


A youth from Falcon’s Hollow, Aesil is the son of Turenas Bladefield and Sylea Goldawn a couple who moved to Falcons Hollow before Aesil was born. Being the son of the towns Blacksmith, Aesil has shown an aptitude with metal working and was being prepared to take over his fathers forge. His mother introduced him to the church at an early age and as such he has grown up with an appreciation for the divine. Showing an adventurous spirit at an early age he would constantly explore the Darkwood in his free time with his friends Anagios and Izora.

Until recently he thought his life was to take over his fathers forge and marry the girl of his dreams, Kairin. However it would seem that Beladonna Etanoth has different plans for Aesil. Coming to his house on the day of the spring festival Belladona informed Aesil that her son would be taking him to the capital of Almas to be trained as a protector of the church of Iomedae. Though he initially resisted, the possession and flight of Anagios Aesil agreed, hoping to both understand his powers and find Anagios.

Aesil trained in Almas for 3 years in the temple of Iomedae, becoming a full paladin within her church. The separation from home was made easier by having his Uncle by his side through most of it, and through his friendship to the young man Etlan Mandamis. Despite these friendships, he could not help but feel trapped in a comfortable prison, constantly watched and not permitted out of the city.

Revealed to be the last scion of Aroden with the potential to heal fate and defeat the Whispering Tyrant, he joined the Shining Crusade with his other friends among the bloodlines and fought against the Tyrant’s machinations in the world. In 4711 he revealed himself to the world as Aesil Starledas, the Hope of Man, last descendant of Aroden. Miracles followed in his wake, and his presence was felt the world over as he and his allies traveled the Inner Sea region. Ultimately he chose to take the Test of the Starstone in 4713, though many warned against it.

The Sundering:

After entering the Starstone Cathedral Aesil disappeared. [insert physical description of the events the world over on that day. Was there an audible crack? Dark, dry laughter heard the world over? The sun blotted out for a time?] The Starstone was revealed to have been a trap: the Whispering Tyrant declared his ascension to godhood when he slew Iomedae, and for two years Golarion quailed as war raged throughout the higher planes, and hope seemed lost.

Then in 4715 a new star appeared in the heavens—the star of hope, the light of Starledas. Aesil took his rightful place in the pantheon, assuming the domains of Aroden, and declared war against the Tyrant. His church grows on Golarion, and across the planes his call to unite against the Whispering Way is heard.

Domans: Creativity, Hope, Mankind.

Aesil Goldenfield

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